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Life difficulty from pension reform Russian federal government plans to raise the pension age have sparked a rare outpouring of anger, Not least among women who say it will cause hardship at a stage of life when they previously struggle to work. at the time the first football fans descended on Russia for the World Cup, prime minister Dmitry Medvedev announced plans to increase the age by eight years to 63 for women and five years to 65 for men. But Russian women are angry for prospect: Once in average age, They will find it hard to find work to tide them over for the extra years without a pension. Early pensions are seen by Russians as "repayment for social injustice, One analyzer said HECTOR RETAMAL, AFP/File "It's very hard to find a job as a woman over a certain age. Women are scared of being left with out using pension or a job, wanted to say Muscovite Tatiana Volochkova, 57. She acquires a state pension of 17,000 rubles ($269) But continues to work as an accountant. Many women say the eight year rise in their retirement age is extraordinary. "A gradual reform is probably necessary but not with such an impact (In an upswing) Between males and females, Volochkova suggested. taking out the safety net Valentina Zholkina, 44, Has been unsuccessfully buying a job in Moscow for two years. The company she used to work for shut down while she was on maternity leave. Now she says employers are put off by her age. "In independent, They say any time a certain age, It's not befitting women to sit behind a banking counter, She replied. Zholkina said that older men can take temporary physical work if they're scams short of money. But older women fight to get employed even in low paid jobs. receiving a pension at 55, She proclaimed, At least gave them a back-up. All your own house, Babushka ould - Nesterova, A 50 year old Moscow based designer, Said the pension reform could also affect young families as Russian grandmothers play a larger role in bringing up children than in the [url=]woman in russian[/url] West. "People have a choice either to send their child to nursery or give them the grandmother. Many still choose family members option, She said to AFP. Others say grandmothers sitting at home with children is a thing of the past. "Babushkas (Grandmas) Are ultra-modern now. We don't want to sacrifice all our time nurturing children, Said 67 yr old pensioner Antonina, Who refused to offer her last name. But she agreed that an eight year increase is too much money. "In Russian family members, something depends on women. that will help you balance work and family, She stated that. "Sixty three is decent, 'Huge' malfunction Alyona Popova, A women's rights activist who runs an organisation to [url=]russian woman[/url] support women specialist, Said perceptions to older women in Russia are "varies greatly" From those in the west. "offering quite a sexist society. People often think female pensioners should be sitting at home with grandkids" A legacy of the Soviet machine, She referred to. Some women meanwhile are terrified of being replaced by younger ones, She being said. Russian activist Alyona Popova says thinking to older women in Russia are "unique" From those in the western world.

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